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Thank you for agreeing to sponsor a candidate for Confirmation at St. John’s! More than ever, young people need to be surrounded with adults who care about them and are willing to accompany them as they grow in their faith.  This page is designed to answer some frequently asked questions that sponsors have.  Please use the rest of the site to acquaint yourself with the Confirmation Program at St. John’s.

Who is eligible to be a sponsor?
A sponsor must be: A practicing Catholic, at least 16 years old, Confirmed in the Catholic Church, not the candidate’s parent.  They must be willing to pray for the candidate and offer support to them in their faith.  

What is the time commitment for a sponsor?
At St. John’s, the sponsor is required to complete two activities with their candidate. The first is an activity the pair does together and the second is a small research project.  Click here to see those.
If possible, the candidate should plan to attend the Confirmation ceremony.  Throughout the candidate’s life, the sponsor should be available to help the candidate in faith matters, as deemed appropriate by the confirmand and their family.

Does the sponsor have to come to class sessions?

No. They are welcome to join us for Reconciliation services.  If you are a sponsor and would like to attend class sessions, please contact Adam. You can also follow along with what your candidate is learning by clicking here (link to Lessons for Confirmation 1 and 2)

What if the sponsor lives far away?

That is not a problem. The sponsor activities may be done in person or over the phone, Skype or email.  The sponsor does not even need to be at Confirmation if distance prevents them from travelling. Another individual would simply step in as a proxy.  Care should be taken, however, in choosing a long-distance sponsor, to be sure that the candidate and sponsor are still able to have contact through some means.

What if I have trouble finding a sponsor?

If the candidate’s family is not Catholic, perhaps you can choose a family friend, or the parents of another candidate.  If you still cannot come up with a sponsor, talk to your small group leader for ideas.

I want to get more involved with my candidate. Is that okay?

YES! Feel free to go beyond what is “required” of you in order to form a true relationship as a mentor in the faith.  You may want to meet monthly with your candidate to check in, join in a devotion to their confirmation saint, celebrate the candidate’s baptismal day or anniversary of their Confirmation, read a book together or even go on retreat together. 

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