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Faith Formation Volunteer Opportunities

Faith Formation is the continual process of discovering, unwrapping, examining and appreciating God’s gift. It is overlapping and lifelong. A comprehensive faith formation process must be integrated into parish life. It is another way of saying that we learn our faith as we live it, in the midst of a celebrating community that proclaims Jesus’ message in Word and action. Adults and children learn by doing.

Contact: Jessica Balzarini (651) 633-1540 ext. 1228 or

Faith Formation Committees, Ministries and Activities

Faith Formation-Children

Liturgy of the Word
Description: This program is free to all children in 1st through 4th grade. Children are dismissed from Sunday Mass after the opening prayer to hear the Word of the Lord and a homily at an age appropriate level.
Commitment: Catechist to be part of a team to trade off weekends, to prep and present the Word to the Children.  Other adults assist with crowd control.
Contact:  Mary Kohlhaas (651) 633-1540 ext. 1234 or

Family Formation
Description: This is a program for families and their children grades 1 to 6. On the first Wednesday of the month each family will gather at church for their catechesis; mom and dad will receive materials and guidance to teach their children throughout the month and the children will attend their classroom sessions. Family Formation is meant to bring the family together once a week at home to learn about their faith.
Commitment: Catechists are committed to teaching on the first Wednesday of every month and to attend a catechist in-service on the last Wednesday of every month. Catechists are called to uphold the teachings of the Catholic Church.
  Mary Kohlhaas (651) 633-1540  ext. 1234 or 

Description: Guardian Angels Nursery is open to children ages 1-3 during the 10:30 am Sunday Mass. The nursery is staffed by a paid nursery supervisor with volunteers assisting during each Mass. Volunteer sign ups are available with the nursery supervisor on Sunday mornings.
Contact: Jen Livermont (651) 633-1540 ext. 1255 or

Sunday School
Description: Children, ages three to kindergarten, meet during the 8:30 and 10:30 am Sunday Masses. Teachers are needed to lead the classroom time based upon the lesson plan for the week. We also need a Music coordinator to lead the large group singing and help to plan the Christmas program. Commitment: Sunday School meets from September through April. Teachers can sign up to teach every week or to co-teach and split weeks with another teacher.
Contact: Jen Livermont (651) 633-1540 ext. 1255 or

Rite of Christian Initiation for Children (RCIC)
Description: A family based class geared for 3rd- 7th grade students who did not receive one or more sacraments ( Baptism, Reconciliation, Eucharist).  The student and parent will attend a Sunday weekly class 9:30- 10:30 am and 8:30 or 10:30 am Mass together.                 Contact: Mary Kohlhaas (651) 633-1540 ext. 1234 or

Faith Formation-Youth

Kairos Youth Ministry
Description: This Core team works with high school teens, mostly 10th-12th grades, and helps them understand what they need to know in order to grow closer to the Church and Jesus Christ and become an active disciple.
Must haves: Confidence, the ability to learn about our Catholic faith, and to work with a team to help others understand. Must be able to relate to teens and love them where they are at, while maintaining appropriate boundaries between adults and teens.
Contact: Adam Roeble 651-633-1540, ext. 1218 or

The Edge Middle School Ministry
The team presents the basic tenants of the faith to middle school students in “high octane” ways.
Must Haves: High Energy, loads of patience, ability to have fun & ability to relate with middle school students. This ministry  will run all year round.
Contact: Adam Roeble 651-633-1540, ext. 1218 or

Faith Formation-Adult

Adult Opportunities
Description: Amazing study programs that highlight essentials about the faith that every Catholic should know, covering such topics as: Scripture in the life of the Church, Prayer, Mary, the Papacy, The Communion of Saints, the Sacraments and much more!
Contact: Jessica Balzarini (651) 633-1540 ext. 1228 or

Archbishop Harry J. Flynn Catechetical Institute
Description: The Archbishop Harry J. Flynn Catechetical Institute is an ongoing formation resource for Catholic adults of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis who wish to deepen their knowledge of the Catholic faith and further their spiritual formation. 
Contact: Parish Office for more information (651) 633-8333 or or Archbishop Harry J. Flynn Catechetical Institute (651) 962-6890 or see the website

Lighthouse Media
Description: Lighthouse Catholic Media provides practical and effective parish and personal programs to help Catholics know and keep their faith. CD’s and brochures are available in the rack near the coat room.
Contact: Fr. Paul Shovelain (651) 633-8333 ext. 1214 or

 Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA)
Description: A pastoral process for initiating new members into the Church, leading them to knowledge of the truths of the Catholic Faith.
Contact: Jessica Balzarini (651) 633-1540 ext. 1228 or

RCIA Sponsors
Description: Adult volunteers who mentor a candidate in RCIA for a period of ten months as the candidate walks the journey of faith into the Catholic Church.
Contact: Jessica Balzarini (651) 633-1540 ext. 1228 or


Baptism Seminar
Description: Required for parents to educate them in our baptismal rite, this class is held monthly on a Tuesday evening. Baptisms are the first Sunday of each month, except during Lent.
Contact: Jessica Balzarini (
651) 633-1540 ext. 1228 or  

Reconciliation and First Eucharist
Description: These sacraments are normally celebrated in the 2nd grade. They are parent-led, with lessons taking place at home and in two large group sessions. Leaders are needed and training is provided.
Contact: Mary Kohlhaas
(651) 633-1540 ext. 1234 or

A blend of the Kairos Youth Ministry and The Edge Middle School Ministry and a 2 year program:

Confirmation 1 
- 8th grade-schedule available
A scripture course based on T3 by Mark Hart “The Bible Geek.” Need to have a solid understanding of Scripture and be willing to learn more. Small group leaders are essential to this program as you are the main link between the youth and the Church. This can be a very powerful ministry.  
Confirmation 2 - 9th grade -  A pursuit in knowledge and understanding of our Catholic faith. This ministry can be split into 2 different categories, small group leader (hopefully carried over from C1) and/or session leader-Catechist. If you would like to do both, that would be awesome!  For Catechists, the schedule for the sessions can be found online on the Confirmation 2 page If any of the topics sparks your interest, please contact Adam Roeble

Small Group Leader: 1 to 8 ratio (Must have 1 adult per 8 teens). Must be relatable, must already know Christ and be able to share that knowledge with others. Be a shining light of Christ as this is the last chance we get with most of these kids to show them how beautiful our faith really is. A commitment to 2 years is desirable but not necessary.
Catechist: Must have a firm knowledge of the Catholic faith and be able to make it fun and relatable to youth. Session talks are limited to 15 minutes. Catechists are required to meet with Adam prior to their presentation to review the material.

Marriage Preparation Couples
Description: Married couples work with engaged couples as they prepare for marriage; training is provided.

Contact the parish office for more information (651) 633-8333 or

Children and Youth


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